Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Type Who Talks

Writing. I'm asked about it. I've never had a satisfying reply. Until I was asked by a friend this weekend - and I sat down and wrote this reply:

Okay. Writing is easy. We just think it’s difficult. Writing is typed talking. It really just is. The problem is lies. When you lie – the writing is false. When you try to impress someone – its reads as fake as it sounds to an ear. Want to write? Sit down and talk with your fingers. Do you edit your conversations with your best friends? No. So why edit when you write? Just type your talk. Do you talk to your best friend every day? Write every day. Sometimes it’s a long conversation and sometimes it’s brief. Do you care about grammar when you’re telling your best friend about your day? No. So forget grammar. Just type the talk.

Okay look: you and your friend have coffee/beer/lunch. You tell stories. You tell secrets. You gossip. You reveal. And if it’s the kind of conversation that has weight, when you’re in bed at night you think about what you've said. And you think of what you shouldn't have said. And you think about what you should have said. That’s called editing.

But you can’t edit until you've typed your talk.
You know what? 
It really is that simple.