Monday, March 5, 2018

Waste Full
You know, I've never thought of myself as a prude. I haven't. I've tried to accept new ideas and embrace contemporary colloquialisms. I did. Because I knew I wanted to present very traditional values in a contemporary context. And I knew I had to use contemporary tools. Read anything I've ever written - conservative Roman Catholic doctrine.

Eleven years ago when I began my career as a writer, I wrote:

"I write relationships from a male point of view. Sometimes my essays are commentary; sometimes they are didactic; sometimes they are poetry; sometimes they are narratives.

I combine Canon Law, Divine Revelation, and Catholic Tradition and I place them into our contemporary context. I focus on the travels and the travails of my immortal soul. The exposition of my evolution is meant to enlighten for those in need, enliven for those who want, and expose for those who are interested."

Canon Law, Divine Revelation, and Catholic Tradition = theology conservative. What have I said? I'm theologically conservative and socially liberal. I do not feel it's my place to tell others how they should honor their God (or not) or how they should make their commitments. I don't.

But I must decide and commit and defend my beliefs.

Last night I watched a snip of the Oscars. I watched Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph. Apparently equity in Hollywood can only be achieved by lowering the bar until an eight year old boy can walk over it. I listened to scatological humor. I honestly haven't heard that level of conversation since I was in Mrs Forsberg (sic?) class at Royal Oaks Elementary. The brightest and most talented artists now embrace excrement. If you think that's funny? Go for it. Some people need to confine their vocabularies to 4 letters or less. I understand.

Isn't it indicative of contemporary culture that humor is now derived from waste? What a waste.

I cannot participate in contemporary culture. Not anymore. Well, I could. I won't. As a man with a moral spine - I embrace dignity and humanity and the elevation of the human spirit. I will not propagate waste and display it for societal consumption.

Call me old fashioned, I was raised that our waste was behind us and we disposed of it and walked forward.

I'm walking forward.