Friday, April 27, 2018

Day #1: Beginning

Okay so here's the plan: Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.

I told a physician (Karen Williams, MD) that I'd blog my experience. People say they're going to do something like this and half-ass it. I promised I wouldn't compromise so she could have a true sense of the restorative nature of the plan. In three months I'll have a physical and see the numbers. My hope? Get off the meds.

I bought the book. I vowed 3 months.

So today at the beginning:

My glucose before breakfast was 123.

My A1C is 6.2%

Ranexa 1000mg twice a day
Spironolactone 25mg
Atorvastatin 10mg
Losartan Potassium 100mg
Sotalol HCL 120mg twice a day
Breo Ellipta 200mcg /25mcg
Furosemide 60mg
Potassium CL 20MEQ
1 low dose aspirin.

I’m off all antibiotics as of this morning. Unfortunately I don’t have all the numbers from my last physical. I’ll ask at my next doctor appointment.

I began this morning. I’m unaccustomed to a coffeeles, milkless, sodaless morning. It was odd to have water. I raced with an empty stomach to my podiatric appointment. Not a good plan. Too many morning meds on an empty stomach. Baby steps here. I’m not much of a cook. Okay. I’m not a cook. At all. So recipes will have to come. I had a piece of 100% whole grain organic bread with a wave of organic peanut butter. For lunch I had a sweet potato. I bought provisions at the store. The store wasn't a happy place. I felt overwhelmed and confused by the choices. I bought bread (I think it's not right but I'll work on it,) peanut butter, brussels sprouts, and beans.

Tomorrow – meals. But I have to learn. Today I learned organic is goddamned expensive.