Monday, April 30, 2018

Day 4: Addiction

Down 1 lb. 7 lbs total.

My glucose was 119 before breakfast.

Yesterday was a very difficult day. I think (assume) it was caffeine withdrawal. I've never felt so tired. Not just lethargic - sleepy. My responsibilities prevented me from bed - so I trudged along. My mind was fuzzy. My vision was blurred. And I felt jittery and agitated. I felt worse than the flu. I pushed water.

My friend Amy turned me on to Hint. It's "Hint Water is a line of all-natural, unsweetened, ultra-pure water that's infused with a variety of natural fruit flavors, and is made without sugar, diet sweeteners, preservatives, calories, trace minerals, or GMO ingredients. On top of this, Hint Water is vegan and gluten free." I bought one bottle at the grocery. Peach. It has hints of flavor. It's above tap water. So I ordered a variety pack from Amazon. It might be a nice occasional addition.

Okay I can't learn cooking in one day - and I'd have to buy a helluva assortment of spices to follow any recipes (I will when I'm more mobile) - so I don't cook as much a combine. I found a nice combination of vegetables for the navy beans. Palatable.

Yesterday I realized that food and alcohol have become my entertainment. Yeah, enough of that. And I realized how similar dieting and gluttony are to each other. Both are a constant concentration on intake. Both are disproportional. Food should be a necessity and not an activity. And that's one aspect of my spiritual cleanse I'm working on.