Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Day 6: Hump

Down 1 lb. 9.5 total.

My glucose is 99. Excellent.

Yesterday I went over the hump. I didn’t feel as ill. Now I still feel jittery and nauseous but that may just be my heart.

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I wanted alternatives. I leave near 2 affluent stores. I couldn’t find  anything WFPB. I asked for the vegan section. I was told by a manager that they didn’t have one. Products were just mingled thought the store. But he did point me to a small concentrated spot in frozen foods. I inspected. Nothing appropriate. WFPB is much more restrictive than vegan. I even looked at Walmart. I hate Walmart but frankly their medical supplies are ridiculously cheaper and my wallet demands I shop there. Yeah, exactly. Nothing there. So I bought fresh vegetables at my local store and headed home. Small stone in this road: consider how many meds I take, how often I’ve been hospitalized, and how much work I’m able to do with a spinning/jittery mind. Now consider the lining of my wallet. Yes. I’ve never been this poor. Spices are expensive. Fresh fruits and vegetables are pricey. So. Recipes? Not yet. Whole Foods Stores are a necessity. But very pricey.

I’m past the water ick factor. This is doable.