Mark R. Trost

"I write with the entire alphabet, not just the popular letters."

Mark R. Trost was born in El Paso, Texas in 1962. Mr. Trost is an author, a playwright, an actor, an essayist, an editor, a humorist, a communications consultant, a sage, and a smartass.

His career weaves through marketing, political speeches, ghostwriting, and editing. Beginning in 2007, Trost wrote a literary blog that attracted more than a million hits. His first novel Post Marked was published in 2010. He followed Post Marked with a book of essays Beer, Buddies, Bullshit, Women, Sex, & God in 2011 and Social Status in 2012. He workshopped his first play Unzipped in 2016 and directed and starred in the 2017 production.

Mr. Trost's works now sit on over 100,000 Kindles, Nooks, and bookshelves.

Trost is not on:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, QQ, Snapchat, Viper, Parler, Skype, or YouTube. He has no social media presence at all. If you see him online, rest assured - it's not him.

And he no longer blogs. 

He does check his email: