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Post Marked

Mark Mallon has a lot of friction in his life. He is an abrasive man and an inspired writer. He is profane; he is profound. Mallon isn't the man he could have been. He's not living with loss; he's living as less. How will Mallon thrive? He'll keep you posted. Facebook. Blog. Twitter. He posts. Sex. Souls. Satire. Synchronicity. Mallon writes about them all. Mark Mallon posts velocity waves from a male point of view.

Women love Mark Mallon. He talks to them. He writes about them. He sleeps with them. He falls in love with them. He has an easy way with them. But Mallon is not an easy man.

Mallon has a lot of women in his life. Brady is an intelligent woman and a passionate attorney. She craves sex, cigarettes, and Mark Mallon. Kaitlyn is a headstrong woman carving a career in medicine. She's clinical everywhere except his bed. Ellen is an intense woman. The line between erotic and neurotic is narrow.

Men love Mark Mallon. He talks to them. He writes about them. He drinks with them. He competes with them. He's not always easy with them.

Mallon has a lot of friends in his life. Jack is a spirited man with an amusing temperament. John is a dedicated priest and Mallon's conscience. Tom is a lifelong friend who mingles his affection with antagonism.

Post Marked is not a work of fiction. Post Marked is not a work of fact. Post Marked is a work of friction. A novel of narratives, essays, and Facebook statuses. Post Marked is unlike anything you've read. Mark R. Trost is unlike any author you’ve read. In the tradition of classical literature, Post Marked is an epic allegorical novel restructured into an innovative form.

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Beers, Buddies, Bullshit, Women, Sex, & God

From 2007 - 2011 Mark R. Trost penned a popular literary blog that exceeded a million hits. He has gathered his work into an anthology: BEERS, BUDDIES, BULLSHIT, WOMEN, SEX, & GOD.

BEERS, BUDDIES, BULLSHIT, WOMEN, SEX, & GOD contains unique reflections on contemporary culture. Trost takes on: * Relationships * The Arts * Money * Food * Women * Fishing * Sex * Golf * Friendship * Pop Culture * Work * Men * Baseball * Films * Breasts * Diabetes * Kindergarten * Politics * Age * Being Men * Dogs * Favorite Authors * God * Education * Feet * Music * Weight Lifting * Beer * Lilac Bushes * Dating * Children * Celebrities * Death * Guns * Neuropathy * Tea Party Politics * Gardening * Math * Healthcare * Football * Writing * Porn * Cabins * Tools * Engines * Priorities * Mid-life Crises * Breakfast Cereals * Cigarettes * Stress * Theology * Humor At times Trost is comedic; at times he's didactic. Yet he's consistently raw, revelatory, and real.

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Social Status

SOCIAL STATUS is a comedic collection of status updates from Facebook. It's a journal. It's a chronicle. It's commentary on contemporary culture. It's humorous and human.

SOCIAL STATUS is topical. It's brilliant. It's breezy. And coupled with the advent of Facebook's Timeline - it's timely.

On September 2, 2007 Mark R. Trost joined Facebook. He wanted to network. He needed to publicize and promote his writing. He encouraged his friends to sign on along with him. He urged. He pleaded. He prodded. They joined. Soon he had gathered a gregarious group. Facebook became their virtual water cooler. They clustered; they gabbed; they laughed. They used Facebook to share a smile or a silly sentiment.

Trost's professional work mirrored his life; his writing is emotionally intense. Facebook offered him the opportunity to back up and breathe. His friends offered fresh breaths of air when stress had stripped the air from Trost's lungs.

Trost began to write capricious status updates. He spurted the contents of his velocity waves across his wall. He typed anything that wafted across his thoughts. Every nonsensical notion and each heartfelt perception received equal billing beside his name. It was as if Albert Brooks and Atticus Finch shared a Facebook account.

As his friendships grew and their social circles expanded, their conversations added depth and degrees. Trost kept his friends updated about his life, his loves, his losses, his lunches, his beers, his buddies, & his bullshit.

SOCIAL STATUS is a free flowing comedic collection of Mark R. Trost's daily velocity waves. Enjoy the surf.

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