Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Vision Of Division

I'm not so inclusive that I feel every avenue of every issue must be explored. If you consider the concept of inclusion, you'll see that it actually means to contain all things into a complete and closed set. Inclusion means all aspects are enclosed. Well, I am disinterested in that. It's too exhaustive. It demands I spend my time accumulating and not assessing the information. If you feel my opinions don't take into consideration your point of view, then I think we need to assess the possessive pronoun "your." Your blog can assess and assert your points of view. And my blog can assert and assess mine.

So, I've reached a point in this blog when I feel it would behoove me to say that I only consider things from a Roman Catholic vantage. Well for a couple of reasons: I can't speak for everyone and I'm a Roman Catholic. I'm not a "recovering Catholic" or a "cafeteria Catholic." But if you feel you are one of those - go for it. And I'm pretty sure the intention of a collection plate wasn't for you to frequent the buffet bar of spite and resentment. I'm just thinking you need to walk away, let it go, or get some therapy of something.

As an aside, former Catholics always tell me that they grew so tired of all the guilt. I usually lean in and inquire with a conspiratorial whisper: "Oh my God, what the hell did you do? What made you feel so guilty?" But they never answer me. They just walk away. And who is making them feel so damned guilty? We don't live in the tar and feathers days. And although I've seen a horse and an alligator on a shirt, I haven't seen a scarlet A since Demi Moore wore one in the early 90s.

So, what did they do? I mean it must be pretty juicy! Maybe it was something lascivious or salacious or hell maybe even felonious. And yes of course, I've felt remorse. I've felt contrite. Hell, I've even been ashamed. If they marketed clothing with scarlet letters as logos, I'm confident I could wear the whole goddamned alphabet. People would look at me and think my shirt was an eye exam. But I've never felt so guilty for an action or deed that I abandoned my faith and forsook my God.

Anyway if you wish I would consider and contemplate aspects of our intellectual and natural nature from a more inclusive theologic point of view, I'd have to say no. I write what I know, what I see, and what I understand. It works for me. If I put down my glasses and contact you to use yours - my point of view will be unfocused and out of perspective. And what would be the point? And think how time consuming it would be to reconsider all my thoughts with the notion of revision. So although it seems as if I'm creating a division, I have to write things the way I see them.

I can't speak for everyone. I'm not bothered by this fact. You can't speak for everyone either. I'm not bothered by that fact. Matter of fact, I don't want anyone to speak for me. And as a point of fact, I don't want to speak for anyone else.

And God forbid anyone who feels that he has the right to speak for God. I'm willing to wager that would be an entirely new aspect to "taking the Lord thy God's name in vain." So when people tell me "God wants" or "God thinks" I'm pretty skeptical. No. I think it's bullshit unless he can offer biblical, canonical, or providential proof. And if he can't provide that proof, he'd better raise someone from the dead or restore a man's sight. And if he can't, I think he's full of shit.

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