Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Shadowy Figures

See it’s the shadow part. They lay so frail and still and the doctor comes in and I want to scream and say “you’re seeing her shadow! My Mother is vibrant and strong and independent! You’re seeing the is not the was!” He’s not seeing the girl who parted the crowds as she jitterbugged in 3 inch stilettos. He’s not seeing the school girl who defended herself on the playground and came home each day with the belt torn from her uniform. He’s not seeing the teenager who stopped her stepfather from beating her mother. He’s not seeing the 15 year old who worked 60 hours a week as a carhop to support her alcoholic mother, drunken stepfather, and their 7 kids and stayed in school and graduated. He’s not seeing the wife and mother who sang and prayed and taught us as she worked and built our world. He’s seeing a shadow. I still feel the warmth of her shine in the sun.

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