Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Get A Clue

There are two amazon trucks on my block. The funniest part - an Amazon truck made a delivery to my house this morning. Well, I don’t go to malls anymore. I even have my groceries delivered from Lund’s. Too far to walk. I’m porching with a new foot problem. Yes a completely new one.

I feel like screaming to everyone I know to stop committing suicide with their sins. You can’t smoke and not ruin your body. You can’t drink everyday and not ruin your body. You can’t carry extra weight around everyday and not ruin your body. You can’t. Fat people aren’t less disciplined than drunks. Smokers aren’t more addicted than wine drinkers. Drinkers aren’t more social acceptable than the obese.

Miss Scarlet with the pork chop in the parlor. Mrs Peacock with the cigarette in the bedroom. Professor Plum with the martini in the kitchen.

And science cannot replace or truly repair the human body. Medicine is just a patch you hope plugs the inner tube. Cigarettes, food, alcohol = murder weapons. And once you puncture the tube, you’re fucked. That’s the baldass truth baby.