Saturday, October 19, 2019

Claque For The Cruel

I remember when i first joined FB. It was for a woman who proved to be ... well let’s just say ... emotionally compromised. Idk. This might just be my new term for fuckwit. (I’m trying to curse less.) Anyway FB was a virtual reunion. I saw who had really changed since the education years. No need to attend a reunion. All the marginals provided digital information/confirmation.

But then FB became a wonderful hoe. I found the weeds - i removed them from my blossoming life. “Click!” and they were gone. And i learned about human behavior. Those who just copy and paste or click share pretty much were the gossipy type. Stuff like that.

Now Ive discovered FB has become like a divining rod. It’s easy to see the shallow. It’s easy to discern the depth. I’m finding that often underneath the surface there’s a pool of bitterness, hate, and angst. Damn, people I thought were sane are actually pretty frightening asshats on the verge of volcanic violence. Sure, right now it’s just verbal ejaculations of venom. (Frankly equally on either side of the political aisle.) But if they can’t contain or hell - disguise their inclinations ... Well, when’s the uncontrolled outburst? Scary. You know?

I was talking to someone the other day about all the hate in our society now. I told her I found myself feeling bitter. Oh bitter about all the stress in my life. It’s been a really difficult year. But when i realized my bitter, I had to stop myself and reevaluate my reactions. And now I’m cautious. I guard myself from that inclination of sin. I’ve watched the hatefilled. The one’s who feel unheard and unnoticed. I‘ve learned they feel a secret thrill to trolling. To provoking. It’s like an impotent man finally getting erect and getting the joy of the poke and the elation of the prod. And the sheer thrill of spraying the seeds of their emotions. And unfortunately we’ve all been jabbed enough to clench when the detestable approach. Ive noticed that I’m contracting my cheeks just knowing they’re around. But not anymore. I’m too tired to live tensed. It’s time to eliminate the “bad companions.” It’s a sin to be a claque for the cruel.

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