Sunday, March 1, 2020

Let Me Introduce You To Someone Else In The Room

Self-sacrifice is what global citizens are called to do so that other human beings can share in an earth of: comfort - peace - security - and blessings. Self-sacrifice means you don’t always get the biggest pork chop or the comfiest chair or the front seat in a car. Sometimes you offer to sit in the back so someone else can see out the windshield. Sometimes it’s just your turn to stare at the driver’s pate.

I don’t know of a single human being I wouldn’t comfort through his or her despair. Be assure, if you needed me, I’d visit you. Bandage you. Bathe you. Spoon feed you. And wipe your ass if you couldn’t reach it. We owe that to each other as brothers and sisters of a benevolent God. And if you wouldn’t assist others - really assist them - you’re less than human. If you aren’t willing to lift your neighbor into his bed - pull up that blanket and surround his shoulders - kiss his forehead - and sing a lullaby of peace - then you are the missing link between man and beast - not fully human - not completely animal. And if you don’t know that about yourself - really know what you are and overcome your failures - then you’ve lost a cognitive mind and a loving heart.

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