Monday, March 02, 2020

Mirror Mirror

In my little window of alone time last night, I watched “The Miracle Worker.” A splendid and inspirational film about the relationship between Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. The scene between Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke when Helen Keller finally understands sign language moves me to genuine tears each viewing.

Today at a clinic I saw an ad for another banal “superhero” film. I grew so angry. Why don’t they make films that celebrate the true heroism of ordinary people doing extraordinary acts of kindness - of honesty - of goodness? They used to make films that celebrated the good of mankind. Remember them? Gary Cooper played that hero. Henry Fonda played that hero. Greer Garson played that heroine. Anne Bancroft played that heroine.

This afternoon I knew the reason they didn’t craft art like that anymore. People don’t want to be reminded of the acts they should have done. They don’t want to see the choices they should have made or hear the words they should have said or see a model of how they should have stood against injustice. People don’t want a mirror. They want a coloring book that doesn’t reflect their imperfections.

A hero is an ordinary man or an ordinary woman who chose to perform extraordinary acts of kindness and righteous acts of justice.

Mirror mirror on your wall ...