Tuesday, March 17, 2020

See An Us

349 people in Italy yesterday.

See, you can believe in God and science. Science describes the acts of God. And God benevolently enlightens mankind to repair mankind’s errors. That’s what I believe.

Do you remember when i used to go to The Groveland Tap? Closing the Tap for now. Not that I‘d go to a bar. I consider it homicidal. Okay let’s do this math. The majority of my friends are priests, doctors, nurses, and medical people. Say I go to a bar - The Tap - encounter a masturbatory dolt - and catch the virus. I give it to my parents. They are isolated. Now they‘re dead. I see my buddy. A doc. I transfer it to him. He goes into clinic and gives it to his patients - or he goes into the doctor’s lounge and gives it to other docs - or he goes to the nurses’ station ...

Or - I have the virus and go have a beer with a buddy. A priest. i give it to him. Think who he could transfer it to!

I think going to bars and restaurants and - for the love of God - anywhere that isn’t necessary is homicidal. Jesus - we’ve all practiced social distancing these last 20 years. We hold our phones more than we touch our genitals. Cut the shit. Quit being so selfish. Here’s a phrase for us to remember: for the greater good.

Today I ended (online and socially) three friendships with homicidal people who felt their desires merited more than the lives of others. Sociopaths.

Science for fuck’s sake.

I cannot abide people who do not see an us. On this subject I draw a line with a permanent marker. Endanger others - we’re through.