Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Whole Big World

I’m practically begging you ... my friends ... look beyond CNN & Fox News as your news sources. Both are polluted.

An aspect of a talking head that’s rarely considered: a talking head needs neither heart nor spine.

Democrats ... Republicans: they are equally perverse.

You’ve got to make decisions based on knowledge culled from multiple sources and then make sound judgments on each individual issue. There’s no blanket that covers everything.

I’d say I am 58% democrat and 32% republican and 10% scared to death that either: the megalomanic who defines the sin of hubris (Trump) or the old man with dementia who is way beyond the sell date (Biden) - will be the next president. Anyway Regardless At Least these words scare the shit out of me. Don’t die without dignity as a member of a claque. And by Christ have the wisdom to avoid your occasion to shill. Please.

Go to Twitter. Follow Sui-lee Wee or Paul Mozur. Find out about China. Follow Eric Reguly. Find out about Italy. Follow Reuters. Follow The BBC. Follow Jonathan Turley. Find out about constitutional law. Find out from a trusted source of all administrations. 

There’s a big world outside of where we sit ...