Sunday, April 5, 2020

Massive Error

Pastor arrested for holding services despite stay-at-home order

So. You’re going to church anyway. Your constitutional right.

Okay let me get this straight. You don’t really go with that “thou shalt not steal gig“ because if you found cash on the street you’d slap it into your pocket although ya know it aint yours ....

and that whole “commit adultery thing” ... well it’s not really your fault because you can’t help who you love ...

and that “thou shalt not kill“ idea ... well, they did have that great hunting rifle on sale at Cabela’s.

and it’s not really a human baby till it crowns ...

and taking the Lord’s name in vain ... well as long as it isn’t the N word or the C word ...

and bearing false witness ... well you can’t hurt her feelings.


You honest to Christ think that this is the only commandment God holds you to?

You think you can pick and choose your commandments and now you’re going to pick and choose who you murder.

Now listen up: MURDER.

You give this virus to another human being because you‘re sure God wants your sinful ass in a pew so you can give your soul an emotional handjob?


And you‘re going to soothe yourself at the expense of every other human being walking His good earth?


Wisdom is a gift so we can make good judgments based on kindness and moral fiber. Keep your ass at home - wash the blood off your hands - and ask God for forgiveness you hypocritical ass.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Keep A Distance

Social distancing and emotional distancing are not synonymous. Call. Text. Inquire. Remind.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Stream of consciousness

It’s 224am and I can’t sleep. I’m going to type this one time. And i’m not going to edit it. Ready?

religion is a relationship between a human and a deity. Now how that relationship is maintained or expressed - is a personal choice. Organized religions are like a template or a guide one can use to develop and express that relationship. A guide of practices and vocabularies that assist people in fostering that relationship. People have the right to participate in that relationship or not. And no one has the right to say who has to be in a relationship. No one has the right to interfere in someone else’s relationship. We should not interlope and judge people’s marriages and we should not interlope in people’s relationships with their gods. Sure. Some relationships are toxic. We’ve all seen bad marriages and abusive relationships. And not all relationships share equitable validity. But you know what? Not your business.

now the notion that faithful people are more emotional and less intellectual is ridiculous and biased and limited.

think about this: people have different gifts. Some people can sing better than others. Play instruments with more talent. Paint better. Reason better. Write better. Run better. Skate better. Express themselves better. Some have more wisdom than others. We’re all gifted. But we don’t all have the same gifts.

and some people have an extra sense of a reality that exists outside a common literal and tangible experience of earth. There are people who can “sense” or “see” a concurrent reality that others can’t see. If a man hasn’t the ability to hear - it doesn't mean that music doesn’t exist.

during my life I’ve known many many people who feign that sense. Oh they lie for praise or inclusion or power or to exclude others. ive known many vile people who just lie. They bear a false witness. But that doesn’t mean that a heightened sense of reality doesn’t exist.

those who genuinely share an “enlightenment” should kindly and patiently guide those who desire a map to that path.

just because your life experiences and your perspective have narrowed your vision, doesn’t mean that others do not see a wider vision. Think of it like this: at this time of our lives - some of us have “baby’s first crayons.” Some of us have an 8 pack of crayons and some of us have never owned the ultimate crayon collection. But that doesn’t mean burnt sienna isn’t a color. And what i don’t understand: why those with the 64 pack won’t kindly share.

i promise you - if you feel smug as you scribble out your rainbow - you’re colorblind. Im going to try and sleep now. Goodnight